Friday, February 20, 2015

Digital Romans - New Assignments for CL CV 1570 The Romans

I'm teaching our Roman civ class again this spring and I've implemented some new assignments. My hope for these Digital Romans assignments is that they will introduce students to some of the new technologies available that allow us to ask new questions about the Romans, and to re-frame old questions as well. I'm also hoping that since CL CV 1570 is a gen ed class here at the U of U that I will create some interest in students to explore how the fundamental methods of studying the Romans might have relevance for their own majors. In addition to using various web tools and software, I want my students to think about how best to present the results of their studies. To this end, I am asking them to make use of various non-traditional (i.e. not just writing a paper with bibliography and footnotes) means of presenting their projects.

Since this is a first run, I will be seeking feedback from my students on individual assignments, but I'd also love to have feedback from others who teach similar classes or concepts. If you'd like to see what I'm up to you can check out my Digital Romans assignments here. I'd welcome any feed back and I'm also happy to have others adopt and adapt my assignments.

Digital Romans I - Storifying a Roman Festival

Digital Romans II - Moving Marbles in 203 CE