Saturday, September 22, 2012

Spring 2013

It's hard to believe that we are already looking ahead to the 2013 spring semester; it seems like we just got started on the fall semester! But the registrar has published the course offerings and next month students will start registering for classes and faculty will start ordering textbooks.

I had a relatively late change to my teaching schedule for spring 2013, but it's one I am very psyched about. I'll be teaching an upper level course on the Trojan War. This sort of course is not uncommon in classics programs and it's one I have wanted to teach for a while. I get the chance to do bits and pieces of Trojan War related myth in lit and myth courses and I always drag the excavations at Hissarlik and Mycenae out in my Greek civ courses, but now I get to spend an entire semester exploring the meanings and motifs of the Trojan War!! The trouble will be deciding exactly what I can reasonably fit in and what I will have to let go.

I'll also be teaching Roman civ and second semester classical Greek. I'm looking forward to both classes just as much as the Trojan Wars classes; it just has that "new toy" thrill at the moment!!

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