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Spring 2013 Courses & Textbooks

Although it is hard to believe it, we are almost finished with fall semester courses and students are registering for spring courses. I'll be teaching a whopping four courses! Second semester Beginning Classical Greek, The Romans, and Trojan Wars for the Classics Section and Medieval-Renaissence Intellectual Traditions (IT) for the Honors Program. I'm looking forward to them all for different reasons.

This will be only my second time teaching second semester Greek and we're using a new textbook this year and so I get the fun of tweaking things and improving upon the first time. I also suffered through a bout of pneumonia the last time I taught the course, so I'm hoping not to repeat that experience!! I'll also be teaching the IT course for a second time. The Romans is essentially Roman civ and I've taught it a number of times here at the U of U and elsewhere. The Romans are my own research focus, so I especially enjoy this course and this semester I am planning some new things. The Trojan Wars course is completely new and I am very excited to teach it. We'll cover the Homeric version of the war, but also look at the archaeological/art historical side of things and reception issues.

For students looking to do some comparison shopping for textbooks, here is a list of the required texts I have asked the bookstore to order. Many of them are available as ebooks as well.

GREEK 1020 - Beginning Classical Greek II (same text as fall semester)
Introduction to Greek
by C. Shelmerdine
Focus Publishing, 2008
ISBN 1585101842

CL CV 1570 - The Romans
Ancient Rome: An Introductory History
by P. Zoch
University of Oklahoma Press, 2000
ISBN 0806132876

Catiline's War, The Jugurthine War, Histories
translated by A.J. Woodman
Penguin Classics, 2008
ISBN 0140449485

Essential Aeneid
translated by S. Lombardo
Hackett Publishing CO., 2006
ISBN 0872207919

Four Comedies
translated by E. Segal
Oxford University Press, 2008
ISBN 019954056X

translated by S. Ruden
Hackett Publishing Co., 2000
ISBN 087220510X

HONOR 2102-006 - Intellectual Tradiations II: Mediaval-Renaissance
Arabian Nights
translated by H. Haddawy
W.W. Norton & Co., 2008
ISBN 9780393331660

Beowulf: A New Verse Translation
translated by S. Heaney
W.W. Norton & Co., 2001
ISBN 0393320979

Consolation of Philosophy
translated by J. Relihan
Hackett Publishing Co, 2001
ISBN 0872205835

translated by S. Lombardo
Hackett Publishing Co., 2009
ISBN 0872209172

The Lays of Marie de France
translated by E. Gallagher
Hackett Publishing Co., 2010
ISBN 1603841881

The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches
translated by N. Yuasa
Penguin Classics, 1967
ISBN 0140441859

translated by D. Wootton
Hackett Publishing Co., 1999
ISBN 087220376X

CL CV 4580-002 - Trojan Wars
Age of Bronze, Vol. 1: A Thousand Ships
by E. Shanower
Image Comics, 2001
ISBN 1582402000

translated by R. Lattimore
University of Chicago Press, 2011
ISBN 0226470490
[n.b. any edition of the Iliad, except S. Mitchell's, will be fine]

In Search of the Trojan War
by M. Woods
University of California Press, 1998
ISBN 0520215990

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